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The world and the internet as we knew it has changed dramatically over the past 2 years. Since the invention of handheld devices and smartphones the internet has shrunk to fit in everyones pocket. Smartphones and the mobile internet have changed the way we use the internet, how we shop, surf, connect with friends and business. Most importantly the mobile internet has changed the way we all do business - we do more, better, faster and much more conveniently business. Join the mobile movement (and revolution) NOW. Take advantage of the many business opportunities the mobile internet has in store for you.

Download our 100% FREE software and start creating mobile websites today. It only takes a few minutes and you are online and mobile with a fabulous mobile website. All it takes is a few clicks...

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Watch the short videos on how to install the software and how to use it. A PDF installation guide is included in your download.
Have fun and drop us a line once you set up your first mobile website using our software. We would love to see you in our smartphone browser soon!
Easy To Use Software
Create your very own beautiful and functional mobile websites in just minutes. The Software installs in just 5 Minutes and it as easy and painless as you might know it from the installation processes of Wordpress and other free software.

We provide you with a "nothing-can-go-wrong" installation and user guide and once the software is installed you simply log on to your Admin Panel and get cracking. The software is easy to use and very intuitive and those that need a little extra help or hint can unlock an additional instruction manual and video tutorial - no worries it's FREE.

Create your mobile website and preview what you are doing along the way - every single step. Go back and change or add at any time and keep your new mobile website up-to-date and beautiful with just a few clicks of your mouse.
We like to see you online and still in business in the next weeks and months to come!

Recently the internet and especially the mobile internet have undergone changes and developments at the speed of light.
One who does not catch on now to the global mobile trend will be left behind in no time. To get you going and to have you go mobile fast, our software is just the right tool. You will be online and mobile in just minutes. All your friends and customers will be glad to see you go mobile and will enjoy the convenience of reaching out to you at any time and from anywhere with their handheld devices like iPads, smart phones and the likes.
One who is doing business - mobile - with the internet will enjoy a flood of traffic and new business from an ever growing local search and local business opportunities. Nowadays people like the convenience of their mobile devices that allow them to find in split seconds what the need. it might just be your business that is located "just around the corner" - often in walking distance. Your QR Codes and discount coupons can be picked up with any smart phone from any notice board around your local area (supermarkets, billboards, flyers etc.). Go mobile and you might pick up a flood of local business!
There is only a very small amount of requirements to be met in order to make full use of our software. All you need is usually preinstalled on almost every PC/Laptop and/or it is included with the average hosting package one can buy.

You need a program like winzip to unpack the downloaded zip file.
You need a program like filezilla or smartftp to upload the content to your web space.
You need at least one domain or a subdomain to to install the software on.
You need a hosting package that provides at least one MySQL database.
You need about 5 minutes (YES only 5!) to unpack and install the software.
You need a moment - let's say 15 minutes top - to set up your first mobile website.

Easy to install & Easy to use

How to install the Software

How to install the software

Watch this 3 minute video and learn how to install the software

How to use the Software

How to use the software

A short video demonstrating how to use the software

Think Mobile And Do More Business

How to install the Software

Understanding Smartphone Consumers

This video presents key findings from "The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers," a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX, an independent market research firm.

How to use the Software

Think Mobile

Google Webinar about the future of mobile and what marketers can do to better connect with the mobilized, modern consumer.

Create Mobile Websites Like A PRO In Just Minutes

  • Requirements

    • 1 Domain or subdomain
    • Webspace + PHP 5.++
    • 1 MySQL-Datenbank

  • Update Service

    We make sure you always use an up to date version of our software and notify you of any upgrades.

  • Administration

    • Easy to use Admin
    • Intuitive interface
    • "fill-the-blanks" system
    • PDF user guide & video
    • Preview function

  • Key to Success

    We hand you the key to your mobile homepage success.
    Create as many mobile sites as you like!

  • Easy Install

    The famous "5 minutes" install. Upload the files, fill in the blanks, hit install - DONE!

  • Templates 2 Go

    • Ready made templates
    • fill-in-the-blanks
    • Upload your images
    • Place your content

  • Contact Page

    • Call & SMS function
    • E-Mail funciton
    • Google Maps
    • Contact us details

  • Tab fuctionality

    • Tab to Call
    • Tab to SMS
    • Tab to E-Mail

  • Social Links

    • Link to Twitter
    • Link to Facebook
    • Link to YouTube
    • Link to Google Profiles
    • Link to Flickr

  • Tracking

    Place your Google Analytics Site ID and all your mobile site activities are tracked.

  • Pages/Subpages

    Create an unlimited amount of pages and subpages with any number of images and as much text as you like.

  • FREE Download

    Our Software is yours for FREE! Just click the download button and start creating mobile websites.